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User Research, UX Design, Prototyping


Led the user research, design, and direction for a new HRIS system.

Problem Statement

As a department that plays an important role, KG HR needed to replace their HRM platform, use it to improve performance, integrated system, and improvable further.

Project Goal

  • Rebuild and redesign the current system to accommodate more task accomplishment.
  • Integrating separated application to a new system.
  • Introduce self-service HC.


To gather better insight on the current system from HR Staff, HR Manager, HR Director, and Employee with a focus on the short term.

Research Method

  • User interviews
  • Prototype testing
  • User journey
  • Information Architechture
  • Field visit


We set up a lo-fi clickable prototype using Figma to help aid the user conversations and also provide usability insights to deciding the first stage features.

Defining the First Stage

Through close coordination with Department of Human Capital, I was able to find agreement for main feature to built in the first stage.

Using the UI Kit

Challenged with the time limit and a handful of developers for this project. We brainstormed ideas that could spare the burden of future development. We identified Design and Development Teams needs then decided to take a useful UI Kit. The expectation is to streamline those early steps to align styles from design to developer in this fast-paced environment.

Vuexy UI Kit


Clarity and Assertiveness

When you’re communicating results and solutions to a person who is not a key decision-maker, it is crucial to simplify the points to be concise and easy to understand. That will make things worse if the client gives feedback in a context that he has difficulty understanding.

Strict to the Plans

Feedback from the client needs to be classified based on the urgency, agreed timeline plan, and the MVP. Executing all feedback will blind you from the critical issues that should be done first above the other that can be postponed to the next stage.